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The psychology of Christianism

I have been thinking about Jesus Christ, all we know about him, and the genre he represents: the uniting, the possessing of greater mental power, intellectual and emotional superiority, who sees beyond all pity issues, who is always nonviolent, wise,… more »

The problem of Republicans run into when it comes to God, religion, and the public eye

I found this article particularly helpful and relevant. It talks about Perry and his prominent denial of landmark laws separating state and church, in the context of his recent joining the race for presidency, but I think the points made in the article… more »

Ga. State Stem cell bill could hurt business: MSNBC

Please review link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29683060/ Comment: For some time now, there have been highly charged emotions spurred by the public debate over stem cells and our society is growing increasingly divided over this issue. I find that the… more »