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The psychology of Christianism


I have been thinking about Jesus Christ, all we know about him, and the genre he represents: the uniting, the possessing of greater mental power, intellectual and emotional superiority, who sees beyond all pity issues, who is always nonviolent, wise, transpersonal, and forgiving. People like Buddha, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, and others occupy that category, which Ken Wilbur (I think) would call "teal" (or whatever the highest emotional, spiritual, and intellectual combined level can be for a human being). I am impressed with the dense humanism that transpires thinking about these people. Something beyond spiritual. Something that can turn water into wine, and even more miraculously, turn mean people good.

I also think about the way Jesus Christ inspired Christianity and then what happened. The unselfishness and tolerance, defining cores of Jesus Christ's teachings, certainly have not remained the core of Christianity or at least the institutionalized and prevailing way it has been implemented. As far as we can tell (and with some connecting the dots) Jesus Christ was probably bothered and then moved to action by narrow-mindedness, greed, intolerance, and selfishness. He picked a morally higher ground and showed (probably very eloquently) to his fellow human beings why they were in the wrong and how they will be healthier, fuller, and happier by elevating themselves to higher moral grounds.

Even to this day, there are many who identify with such altruistic and I would say humanistic interpretation of Jesus Christ's teachings, and I include there Mother Theresa & Pope John Paul II. I also include my own mother, who is genuinely altruistic. While religious and with an admitted relationship with her own god, she is convinced that acting out of heart (good) toward people in need is the right thing to do and that god will approve and like it - what else (than good) would any god want anyway? In other words, the humanistic and altruistic behavior, which is natural to her, takes care of god, no other rituals or churchgoing etc needed to convince god of your goodness.

Some others interpret religion differently though. They posit god is watching - with a critical eye & ready to punish for bad behavior. They put tremendous effort in trying to figure out exactly what god expects, how they can satisfy him best - in order for them to land the best of god's favors. They go to church to start, it's kind of obvious god would want you to do that. They say and argue the "right" things, such as speak out against gays, abortion, oral sex, etc. All that, because of conscience, of course.

Looking at the religious issues of modern day Christianity, the profoundly hypocritical and phony representations we see in the media (see link above), and then consider what Jesus Christ stood for made me realize this is really a measure of altruism versus selfishness, not the issue between atheism and religiousness. As I can see in my mother (or Jesus Christ, Ghandi, Pope John Paul II or Mother Teresa), religious people can be very altruistic, yet a certain variety of religion associates with selfishness - the church-going, show-you-are-good, hypocritical kind, whereby the point isn't to do good for the sake of good, but to do good for the sake of "me me me", i.e. in desperately doing anything for a presumed god's favors per his presumed expectations.

Navigation: The Deciding Factor in the Android Vs. iOS Battle? (for now anyway)


I rely extensively on navigation through my cellphone and from my previous posts you known I am not (yet, sic) an iPhone user. Thus, you guessed right, I use Google Maps... For the most part, I have been happy (or OK) with it, as it is (somewhat) convenient. Certainly when compared to nothing. Perhaps even when compared to standalone GPS (unless built-in) as lugging around the GPS unit (you can't leave it in your car), attaching it on the dashboard (or other alternative locations) is a pain.

However, the Google Maps based navigation solution (running out of my cellphone) is not without pain either. Sure, it has traffic info, but for what? I always had doubts if the traffic info assists with designing the route in real time. Sometimes it felt like even bad traffic on the route that is otherwise the shortest won't deter Google Maps to push me through that shortest route, despite however horrible the traffic might have been.

Now I had an opportunity to fully test (and prove) that suspicion. I was driving toward DC, from my Baltimore office on a Saturday evening. There was a dinner reservation so it was time-sensitive. I left in time. However, when I got in my car and fired up the navigation (which I do sometimes even when I know the route well, mainly to see traffic), I got a one hour 58 min estimate (for a route that is typically barely over 50 min). "WHAT???" was my initial reaction. I could not believe it.

In any case, I proceeded and headed my usual way (295, Baltimore-Washington Parkway), assuming there was some error. It was somewhat concerning though that the traffic indicator light was the darkest red I have ever seen it. I still suspected an error, because even with traffic, it is simply impossible to have a more than twice the normal time to get through.

Then I turned on WTOP radio. I was listening to the traffic news... Well, they announced that Southbound 295 is ENTIRELY SHUT DOWN due to a major accident. Traffic is being diverted, but there is already a several miles long traffic lot prior to that. Wow! I said. At that point 295 was moving nicely around the speed limit (or above, shh); there were no ominous signs. However, my Google Maps based navigation was still showing dark red and some one hour + 51 min travel time estimate to my destination.

I took the very first opportunity to cross over to 95 (I think it was 195 I used). I was expecting that if the 1 hr 51' travel estimate was because of that accident and closure on 295, my getting off 295 and moving on to 95 will make a difference in the travel estimate. So here was the next shocker! It DID NOT. Not only that, but my travel estimate even added a minute or two. What's going on here?? I asked.

Well, as I was tuning up my mental effort to solve this riddle, I recalled that the IMF has its meeting downtown DC, near my destination and they had previously announced some road closures. Traffic can become truly horrific in DC and I just assumed that now that I moved away from the closed 295 the extreme (near 2 hours) estimate must be related to something like that, although it sounded excessive no matter how bad the traffic is downtown.

in light of this new hypothesis, I called my GF (we had a reservation with her and her parents who were in town for the weekend) to see if we can perhaps find another restaurant closer to her home so that we won't have to go downtown.

As we were considering those options (while I continued to drive down on 95), I was passing by other major corridors connecting 95 and 295. I passed route 100, only to see that the estimate worsened even further. But then when I passed 32, something miraculous appearing happened. The estimate went from something like 1 hr and 48' to 41'. First I just could not believe it as both were in the forties, except the hour difference (mind you, the 41' from the 32 intersection is still bad, and there indeed was some traffic issue besides the 295 closure, but you get the point). This was an even greater WOW.

So basically what was happening is that NOT ONLY did Google Maps fail completely to direct me onto 95 in the first place (which BTW would have saved me time as 95 and 295 are somewhat divergent going South from Baltimore), DESPITE the clear and major traffic situation (which it apparently even registered), BUT it actually wanted me to GO BACK into the traffic nightmare even though I was already in the clear!!! Only when I passed the point when it OTHERWISE thinks was shorter to go on 95 and getting back onto 295 would have been a detour did it update the estimate.

In other words, it did not update the incredible long estimates even after I was on 95 (which was perfectly clear) because it was thinking to send me back on 295, which was closed!

This unbelievable experience demonstrated that the traffic information is NOT AT ALL being taken into account by Google Maps to design your route. This is very disturbing, so much so that I question if I want to use it at all. Assuming major traffic problems are still relatively rare, and the minor differences are negligible compared to the benefits of getting help in areas you don't know, this still bothers me. What if you don't know a place, it sends you through a route that is an hour and a half long, but then it could have been 25 min shorter if it sent you some route else. You will never know. In the example above, I had the opportunity to know, because I knew the local driving info and I could test my hypothesis.

The link above is a report that in iOS6 Apple may decide to part ways with Google Maps. Good move! If they also set up some navigation functionality that actually works (I wouldn't be surprised if that is what Apple has in mind exactly), that may be the end of my Android career.

We need better email functionality to tackle subjectless emails


Below, in quotation, I paste here the post I made on Google Labs suggestions box, for consideration. Of note, in Outlook, albeit no "empty subject" rule can be made, there is a workaround, which works for me (please visit the link above).

"Emails with no subject are more than just annoying. You can't
efficiently overview listed emails on your mobile device by subject
(to give you a sense what they are about), you can't file, group,
organize emails efficiently, which all depend on subject/easiest done
by subject. Also, it is violating basic email etiquette I think.
When a loser sends an email with an empty subject, they are kind of
saying "I don't care if this is a nuisance to you, I can still do it"
which of course these days when email clients even ask you if you
really want to send it w/o subject, is particularly inconsiderate.

Therefore, ideally, a function should be available, which allows Gmail
users to add a filter that identifies incoming emails sent with empty
subject, auto-replies a canned response, and moves them out of the

The filter as it is currently available in Gmail cannot do that. As you
can Google this issue, many people tried many different ways: 'no
subject', "no subject", (no subject),< no subject >, < isnull>, etc in
the "Subject:" filter option. Some of these will find a few emails
with no subject, especially if those were already replied to or
forwarded with the subject actually saying "no subject", but it will
not find the emails with truly empty subject.

If anyone is capable and willing to develop a lab that can address
this, it would be huge I think."

Another Hungarian Luncheon to Consider

August 14, 2010 Luncheon Will be delicious and we'll be waiting for you.

Come Join Us on the Second Sunday, August 14th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm for a delicious Hungarian Luncheon

We meet at the Kensington Baptist Church’s Fellowship room.
10100 Connecticut Avenue (cross street is Dresden)
Kensington, MD 20895-3897
(301) 942-4400

Cost of Luncheon:
Seniors and children $10.00
Adults $15.00

Buy some to take home – Bring Carry Out containers
Call SUSIE Lengyel to confirm 571 594 1961 or susielengyel
Best wishes and see you there,

Cinnamon El-Mulla

Looks Like Gigaom Maybe Wrong on This One...


Interesting (and I think highly biased) opinion. Gigaom, like many other news/blog sites, have seen their (anonymous) comments go down and Facebook is being blamed for it.

Gigaom asserts that is not a good thing. Their argument: FB is responsible for the "homogenization" of blog comments. Interesting. Well, I don't think blog comments that become homogeneously CIVILIZED (or more civilized than anonymous ones) is that bad of a thing overall. For removing the shade of anonymity actually by and large makes the extreme and borderline (or completely) uncivilized comments gone.

Obviously Gigaom cares about the number of people visiting their site because that helps them make ad revenue. If fewer juicy and outrageous comments are posted, they see a decline in the number of their visitors. I can see why they would be sorrow over that. But then to go out and rationalize and make an argument for why this is a bad thing is actually inappropriate.

I think you should stand by your opinion, with your name in your blog posts. If you can't do that, maybe your opinion is not worthwhile of other people's attention after all. I am talking about worthy attention and not some perverted curiosity like "look how crazy this comment is".

Making an argument that outrageous comments are good (helping express some healthy diversity of opinion) and then the fact these declined (because of Facebook) is a bad thing smells despair and is quite pathetic.

Blog for 2010 DC Hungarian Pig Feast


This is the first blog post on this event. Like last year, we are going to provide news, updates, all relevant info regarding the event here. You are welcome to post comments as well.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizing committee)

Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 20:29

date Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 20:29
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast


Okay, I promise this is the last email (unless something comes up).

1. I realize I am a bit late with this, but thanks to Monyka (who worked this out a long time ago, I just had no time to get to it sooner), who is the children team leader, and who worked out a way of organizing children's activities. Please review a note at this link:

...and download the form at this link:

Of note, the pony horseback riding is all arranged with 2 paid guides between 10.30 AM and 11.30 AM. Please use the above referenced sheet to sign up.

2. As the plan is giving you each a "Komatal" in the end (i.e. a sampler of the food we make) and the weather is forecast warmer than is usual for this type of meat preparation, we recommend you bring a cooler. If you bring cooler packs/ice, even better.

3. Some of you are coming with a truck and if you have the means of easily bringing an extra grill, please let me know. We may need it.

4. Unfortunately, as much as I tried to personally help you with carpooling and/or finding accommodation, I realized it just does not work very well this way. We may be able to figure something out for next year.

5. As you know, other than the mulled wine, we are not serving alcohol officially. However, you are welcome to bring your own drinks. I will bring some palinka for sure.

See you Sunday at 8.30 AM.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Children Activities Info

Dear Guest!

As you know - we have opened up the event to children*.
There will be children's activities between 9:30-11:30am & 2:00-4:00pm which will be coordinated by Monyka. In order for us to prepare adequately it would be great if we could have a headcount of how many children are definitively coming as well as their names & ages.

Some of the activities we are considering doing may include face painting, coloring, puzzles & if the weather permits - perhaps some horse back riding & organized games.

In order to accommodate the various ages of children as best as possible we ask that you take a moment to sign up your children for the activities using the short questionnaire below.

Also, it goes without saying any guests willing to volunteer to help with this area - especially parents bringing kids - are most welcome! Extra hands will go a long way in helping us to make sure the kiddies have as much fun as possible.

*Please note children 6 and younger will need to be accompanied by a parent in the activity area. We also recommend you dress the children in layered "play" appropriate clothing (some activities may be messy) & suggest running shoes as well. Also, if your child is a picky eater, or has allergies that may pose a problem for them to eat the regular menu that will be offered (including hot dogs, cheese, juice, fruit, cookies, water) we suggest you plan accordingly.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please direct them to Monyka via email at: or by phone at: 410-746-3469.

Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 14:44

date Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 14:44
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

We have extended our deadline for cancellations with full refund to tonight. Please change your response on eVite accordingly and/or send me a personal email so that I can manually remove you. We need to free up those spots for new guests. I am sending back your payments as you read this.

We received several new payments. All those who sent payment need to send me the names of each guest they sent payments for. Also, we need the kids' names and ages as well.

We are likely not going to have any leftover funds, so answering that question is no longer important. However, those who have not indicated their preferred team assignment yet, please do so. Those agreeing to be on the cleaning team will get a special bonus. We will have an additional team for kids' programs.

There may be one more email later today or tomorrow (I am sure I forgot something). Sorry. Those who are not coming and have not replied yet can RSVP "no" and that way they won't receive any emails.

Previous emails may be found at:

I see you soon.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers

Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 17:10

Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 17:10
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

Less than 1 week before the event, I thought I would send out a last update.

1. Possibly good new is that are working on making horseback-riding classes available to children.

2. We had a couple of cancellations and a few people inquired about available spots. I have removed all those guests who have not yet sent their payment. We excluded children from the RSVP. These actions freed up a few spots. You may forward the invitation if you like. Payments from new guests need to be sent right away. If paypal is not possible, they need to email me to discuss how to pay.

3. You can review our cancellation policy in my earlier email, now available on the blog:

4. We will have to turn away everyone who is not on the eVite "yes" list.

5. Some of you asked about bringing pots, knives, etc. This is welcome and encouraged, but please email me to coordinate.

6. After much thought, we decided not to order a whole pig, but half-processed meat and parts. This change does not take away from the fun. We will still have the teams and all the various end products the same way.

6. We do not have a "rain day", as availability of the venue is very limited. Therefore, we will proceed with the event rain or shine. There is a considerable area under roof, enough for almost everyone, therefore although with some obvious limitations, we will be able to do most of the program even if there is heavy rain. Heavy rain all day is unlikely and if there is some rain we can just wait it out under the roof. If you decide not to participate because of weather, unfortunately we have to refer you to the cancellation policy.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 22:53

date Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 22:53
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

1. Those guests who positively RSVP-d but not yet paid (5) are reminded one last time to do so. If that does not happen, per earlier announcement, they may lose their spot come Friday. After Friday we will keep them on the list, unless we have paying guests on the waiting list to replace them.
2. Unregistered invitees who have not done so already, this time can only get on the waiting list ("maybe" = "lukewarm").
3. Once on the waiting list, you can send payment in order to secure your top place for filling canceled spots, as explained before.

Great news is that the Eletfa Band confirmed their performance at the Feast. We will have premier Hungarian folklore singers and dancers as well.

Thank you.

Carpooling: not available through eVite

from Evite Support
date Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 00:54
subject Hi, Somehow the carpooling option is not showing up. I checked the FAQ, where... [Incident: 090220-003345]

Response (n.s.) 02/22/2009 09:54 PM
We appreciate your feedback. Your concerns have been escalated to the appropriate department for further review. We regret any inconveniences this may have caused you.

If we can further assist you, please contact us.
Evite Support

from Zoltan Mari
to Evite Support
date Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 17:01
subject Re: Hi, Somehow the carpooling option is not showing up. I checked the FAQ, where... [Incident: 090220-003345]


Thanks. I am a bit confused. You say "We're constantly making improvements to Evite to give you the best possible experience. Unfortunately, the feature you are attempting to access is no longer available on the site.". Isn't that an oxymoron? I mean you say you are constantly making improvements, then, in the same paragraph, you say that you removed a feature that was actually useful and then later you even apologize for the inconvenience this caused (as it obviously did).

Do I read your email right in that you are suggesting you made an "improvement" to Evite to give me "the best possible experience" by making the carpool feature "no longer available"? Not that it matters now (given the feature is not there), but I am curious how to logically connect the dots here. Or you are making fun of your customers?

Thank you.
Zoltan Mari, M.D.
P. J. O'Rourke - "Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them."


date Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 15:09
subject Hi, Somehow the carpooling option is not showing up. I checked the FAQ, where... [Incident: 090220-003345]

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 15:09, Evite Support wrote:


Thank you for your patience. We’re constantly making improvements to Evite to give you the best possible experience. Unfortunately, the feature you are attempting to access is no longer available on the site.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. If we can further assist you, please contact us.

Evite Support


from Zoltan Mari
to Evite Support
date Feb 20, 2009
subject Re: Hi, Somehow the carpooling option is not showing up. I checked the FAQ, where... [Incident: 090220-003345]

Discussion Thread
Response (n.s.) 02/22/2009 12:09 PM


Somehow the carpooling option is not showing up. I checked the FAQ, where I found an entry for carpool. I clicked that and it showed that there was zero (0) relevant articles on that query, even though it clearly said "carpool" from the main FAQ page? What is going on?

Thank you.


Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 19:00

date Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 19:00
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

...a quick followup, of course we still encourage children to come (and there will be many), but won't count them against our 100 quota. There will be 100 adults and countless children &#58;&#41;

Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 18:47

date Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 18:47
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

A few more things.

If you don't think you need any information about the event, please delete these emails.

You can access all previous emails at

If you never want to receive emails about this or any other event, let me know and I'll remove you from the list permanently.

If you are not coming this time and wish to receive no emails about this event only, but want to receive emails about future events, just RSVP "no" on eVite for this event.

Carpooling. It just came to my attention that the carpool feature has been removed from eVite. As you know, parking at the event will be limited. You may try to team up with others you know to reduce car load. I am also looking into other organized carpool options. Any suggestions are welcome.

Music. Unfortunately our famed DJ, Tom Fekete, will not be able to attend this year (and provide fantastic entertainment) due to other obligations. We are still awaiting confirmation from Eletfa Band. We have a backup plan (courtesy of Gabriel Hegedus), but other ideas are also welcome at this time, especially as apparatus is concerned.

Registrations/payments. Out of the 100 registered guests, 6 have not yet made a payment or a contact regarding payment. Per our earlier message, they have until Friday to change that without risking their spot.

It has not been previously made clear that the 100 applies to adults. Some of you registered children and I would like to ask you to only include adults in their eVite RSVP. Please go back to the page and update your RSVP changing the number in your party to include adult guests only.

Waiting list. Given the above action is expected to free up a few spots, those on the waiting list may change their "maybe" status as free spots become available. If you are not on the waiting list already (i.e. RSVP'd as maybe), please do not fill the spots freed up.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 12:03

date Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 12:03
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast
hide details 12:03 (1 hour ago)

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

So here goes the next daily Disznotor "newsletter"...

We listen to your complaints... It was brought to our attention that in fact a significant number of potential guests have much difficulty, for technical reasons, with eVite and/or PayPal and/or email. The reason this year we wanted to make it an "all electronic" production is to make things more efficient and reduce time consuming administration, especially that we increased the usual quota from 40 to 100. However, we also don't want to discriminate on the basis of computer access. Therefore, we now announce some changes to accommodate the technically challenged.

1. As a first option for those who cannot RSVP on eVite and/or cannot send PayPal payment I recommend to team up with a friend who can do it for you. Anyone can RSVP who received an eVite (right now only as "maybe", but that puts you on the "waiting list", see below) and anyone can send a PayPal payment (make sure in the accompanying note you provide all the names of the guests who you are sending the payment for). If you never received an eVite (those of you who read this message on my blog and never directly received it), please email me at (preferred) or text me (see below).

2. We give in. As much as we wanted to have everyone use PayPal, you can now send payment in check form via mail to Zoltan Mari, M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 600 N. Wolfe Street, Meyer 6-119B, Baltimore, MD 21211. Specify whom you are paying for.

3. If you can't use email or it bounces or you experience any other problem with it, you can communicate by sending a text (SMS) message to my cell phone (917-669-6155), including your interest to be on the waiting list AND confirmation you sent a payment. If possible please avoid calling me during business hours, text is OK any time.

Please refer to the main eVite page to follow the link to my blog that contains basic information about the event and all my previous Disznotor emails.

Just to re-iterate, the quota (of 100) has been filled. From that 100, there still are a few people who have not paid. It is down to about 10 now. We maintain a waiting list.. To get on the waiting list, please RSVP yourself on eVite as "maybe" & state all names in your party plus say "waiting list please" so that we know who are on the waiting list.

As stated before, we do encourage all of those on the waiting list to send payment. As cancellations out of the 100 registered guests will occur, we will fill the vacancies from the waiting list, giving preference to those who paid already. If it does not work out, we send all money back. THE TIME STAMP OF YOUR EVITE RSVP AND/OR YOUR EMAIL AND/OR TEXT MAY ALSO BE USED IN DECIDING THE ORDER OF FILLING UP VACANCIES FROM THE WAITING LIST. Not because it is necessarily fair, but that's the only objective way we can do it.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 11:46

date Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 11:46
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast
hide details 11:46 (8 hours ago)

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

Sorry to bother everyone with all these OCD style messages &#58;&#41; I share your pain. But it is still the "least bad" way of making sure all needs are addressed. If this is not applicable to your case, please delete.

We discussed the payment deadline among the organizers and decided it is more appropriate to allow a little longer time. Therefore, for those of you who have not paid yet, you have another week, until Friday 2/27/09 to post your payment. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PAYPAL, PLEASE CONTACT ME IN A PERSONAL EMAIL TO FIND AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION. Please do not take up a spot when you don't think or not sure if you will be coming and/or paying, because you are taking the opportunity away from those who are sure they want to come (and pay). You can change your RSVP to maybe.

Some of you who already signed up as "yes" asked about adding more people in your party. Unfortunately, as the quota is filled, that is not possible, just like it is not possible for a new standalone guest to sign up right now. However, here is what I suggest. Please send eVite to all those prospective guests you would like to bring (inviting more people from the eVite website is still open and possible, despite the filled quota). Ask them to sign up as "maybe". You can even suggest to them to send the payment even if their participation isn't certain. That will put them on the waiting list. I suspect there will be quite a few RSVP cancellations of the 100 yeses for one reason or another at which time we will give preference to those on the waiting list who already paid (of course if it does not work out we send all payments back).

Again, I encourage carpooling!!! There will be limited parking especially for late-comers. Carpooling is available from the eVite website. Some of you sent personal emails about it, which I will get to, bare with me, I am a bit behind.

Also, please see my previous message regarding accommodations.. Any suggestion/help is appreciated, including local motels and local guests willing to offer their basement or living room for fellow pig-roasters coming from out of town.


Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 23:27

date Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 23:27
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast
hide details 23:27 (23 minutes ago)

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

As many of you noticed, we have closed registration as we reached our cap of 100. Out of this, so far we have not received payment from 17 guests.

Because we increased our quota from 80 to 100, we extended the time allowed to send payment for those who so far did not have a chance to do so. Therefore, we give all of you an extra 2 days (until Friday, 2/20/09) to send payment via PayPal (or to make alternative arrangements). (If you cannot use PayPal for personal reasons, please email me ASAP to make alternative arrangements.)


Some of you emailed me AFTER we already filled the 100 cap expressing interest in coming. Unfortunately, this year you might not be able to come, which we would regret. However, I recommend you request to be on the waiting list. You might want to RSVP in the "maybe" group and you may contact me or send the payment for your guests in advance. If you are on the waiting list, you may get the chance to replace previously registered guests who fail to pay by Friday, especially if you already sent payment. If every registered guest sends their payment by Friday all of those on the waiting list who already paid will get full reimbursement.


Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 07:01

date Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 07:01
subjectMessage about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

As some of you heard already, due to the immense response to our unicum ad, we have decided to increase our quota this year to 100. This means:

1. You can now sign up more of your friends up to the point we reach the new cap (which is final no matter what!). Those who are really committed to come (and help!) this way will have another opportunity to sign up.

2. Those who are on the list, but have not sent payment now will have a few extra days to do so. Once we reach the new cap, I again will remind to send payment, as there still likely will be a waiting list.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Monday, February 16, 2009 5:31 AM

From: Zoltan Mari (

Date: Monday, February 16, 2009 5:31 AM
Reply-to: Zoltan Mari (
Subject: Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Font Size&#58;&#68;ecrease Increase

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

This email is being sent to all of those who RSVP-d yes & those who have not RSVP-d.

1. We have reached the 80 cap. 12 people out of these have not sent PayPal payment so far and made no other attempt to contact me to arrange an alternative method of paying. We ask you to send your payment by Wednesday, 2/18/09, otherwise you will be removed from the list and replaced from the waiting list by people who are willing to send the payment.

2. Those of you who have not RSVP-d so far (and now cannot because we reached the cap), but would still like to come, please send me a private email to be on the waiting list.

Thank you.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 00:10

date Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 00:10
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All:

A few additional housekeeping comments...

1. First of all, to those who are already tired of my many emails, here is the final stab. I placed all previous messages in a blog:

2. We have almost reached our cap of 80, per eVite registrations. There are a couple of important ramifications:
2.1. Some of you who have not signed up on eVite, personally informed me about your plans of just showing up there. B/c we very carefully plan this event, we must do the head count precisely. We announce and share all the relevant information, including the rules in advance and in a fair manner. But everyone, EVERYONE will have to abide by the rules.
2.2. If you did not sign up on eVite, you will not be able to participate. If you cannot sign up for one reason or another talk to a friend who already signed up and ask them to update the number of guests in their party as RSVP-d on eVite and include your name in their reply.
2..3. If you have not sent your payment by PayPal (see link on eVite page), you will not be able to participate. This will be enforced at the event.
2.4. If you signed up on eVite, but for a valid reason were not able to send payment via PayPal, please let me know ASAP in a private email to or call me & we find some arrangement, as we did with several of you already.
2.5. Once we reach the 80 guest cap on eVite, no further eVite registrations will be possible. Therefore, I ask all of those who positively RSVP-d on eVite, but sent no PayPal payment (and made no alternative payment arrangement either) that PLEASE send payment within the next 2 days. If no payment is received by then, we will have to replace those guests with others who have paid/are willing to pay. That is how it is fair to everyone and I hope you understand.
2.6. Do not send payment unless you already signed up on eVite.

3. We found some solution for a liverwurst stuffer, but suggestions are still welcome. Too many is always better than too few.

4. Other than the Mulled Wine, we will have no alcoholic beverages included in the budget. If you prefer to bring any favorite drink on top of that, you are welcome to do so.

5. With much restraint, we are willing to carefully consider some corporate sponsorship of this event from any food, wine, or other commercial entity, with interest in promoting products intended for Hungarian/European consumers. Any tips from you in this regard are solicited and appreciated.

6. If you are not planning to come and wish not to receive emails about this event, simply RSVP on the eVite page as "declined".

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 19:59

date Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 19:59
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast


Because of some administrative reasons, we had to revise our plan about somloi galuska. I apologize to those who signed up for that team. We will have other desert choices. Ideas about alternative Hungarian desert options are solicited (especially if not prohibitively costly and if you can offer your professional help leading the team on it).

BTW teams. I know most of you don't mind to be assigned to any team as that issue is relatively unimportant, so you don't really care which team you will be on (as long as you are not in the cleaning squad, which is notoriously unpopular). However, it does help us at the event if team assignments are all done in advance and instead of spending time on assigning everyone to teams there, people can immediately get to work on their team.

It turns out a liverwurst stuffer apparatus is rather expensive to buy. If you (or anyone you know) can find ways to rent or borrow one, let met know.

The eVite was changed so that now there is a cap of 80 guests. When we reach this, nobody can sign up any more. All of those guests who signed up but have not yet sent payment will be reminded one last time to send their payment and will be allowed 2 more days to do so. If the payment is not posted by then, we will have to replace them with other guests.

BTW PayPal. Some of you contacted me and provided valid reasons for why PayPal was not an option. We were able to find alternative arrangements, on an individual basis. If you think you have such situation, please let me know ASAP and we will arrange an alternative payment solution.

Our policy for those who sent payment, but in the end will not be able to make it for one reason or another is that if you notify me by end of day Tuesday 3/17/09, you'll get full refund (minus PayPal fee), otherwise not.

Many of you are coming from out of town. I encourage using the eVite carpool function to team up and come in fewer cars. Parking at the event will be limited, plus let's support the environment cause.

There also was question about accommodation. Please let me know if (1) you need accommodation, which night(s), how many people; (2) you live close by and offer accommodation for out-of-towner fellow pig-roasters, which night(s), how many people; (3) you know any inexpensive paying accommodation solutions nearby.

Thank you.

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 11:38

date Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 11:38
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast
Feb 11

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast


1. So far nobody replied re: liverwurst stuffer. We have 2, so we are OK, but more would be better. Even if you just direct me where to order from would be great.
2. So far 44 guests signed up & 32 sent payment. Registration is not final/complete until payment is posted
3. I encourage all on this private list to take advantage of being informed before the full Unicum list, which will be done tonight.
4. Some asked about "komatal", i.e., extra sausage and liverwurst to go. YES, we calculated specifically with that on mind so there WILL BE komatal.
5. Again, kids are welcome, there will be lots of kids. The farm is fun, with horses, etc.
6. Great news is that the Eletfa band ( tentatively agreed to play at the event! Thank you!

Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)

Mon, 9 Feb 2009 19:23:59 -0800

Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 19:23:59 -0800
To: invitees
Subject: Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

1. Thank you for all of those who sent their payments. So far we have 24 paying registered guests. We tentatively shoot for 80 guests & plan on buying a full pig this time. Please note that your place is only secured when your payment clears.

2. If we don't get 80 guests by the end of this week, we will announce the event on the HAF list and if we are still short, on the Unicum list. You can secure your reservation now, before those announcements (our experience is that once the event is announced on Unicum we fill the cap in hours). You are welcome to invite your friends from eVite, it is open, at this time.

3. We could still use additional liverwurst stuffing apparatus and other help. Anyone with any relevant experience and/or hardware please email me.

The organizers

Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 06:32

date Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 06:32
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast
Feb 9

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

If ANYONE can bring a sausage and/or liverwurst stuffer (kolbasztolto/hurkatolto) PLEASE let me know!! We need about 4 this year.


Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 11:57

date Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 11:57
subject Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast
Feb 8

Message about 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast

Dear All,

Many of you asked about kids. The rules we used in previous years are as follows: $5 under 14, free under 6 years of age.


2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast/Disznótor

2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast/Disznótor

Host: Zoltan Mari
Location: Bendedek Farm/Camp Olympia
5511 Muncaster Mill Road
Derwood, MD 20855 US

When: Sunday, March 22, 8:30AM Add to my Outlook Calendar
Phone: 917-669-6155
Cost: $20 per person

Dear All,

We invite you to join us in our 2009 DC Hungarian Pig Feast ("Disznotor"). First held in 2002, the DC Disznotor has become popular in past years!

As you notice, this time we send eVite invitations. This allows people to sign up on the internet. Also, the registration fee ($20) payment is linked. In the past we allowed mailed checks and cash payments. From 2009 we ask you to use PayPal only. We understand this might mean inconvenience to some, but we find that it makes the entire event's organization more efficient.



BTW, registration fee. If we end up with surplus and it is going to be less than $5/guest, we use it for Disznotor related costs (such as a gift to Pista Bacsi and/or toward next year's event). However, if the surplus will be greater than $5, this year we give you options about your share of the surplus:
1. Have the money returned to you by PayPal;
2. Let the money go into an account, for future related costs (including gift to Pista Bacsi & family; used toward the budget of Disznotor 2010; or toward a similar event in the early summer e.g. Fish Soup);
3. Donate the surplus to the Hungarian America Foundation (

This year we are going to take the teams more seriously again... We ask you to let us know which team you prefer to be on. We plan on setting up the teams in advance, so everyone will know what to do from the start. Here are the team options:
1. Fried liver/Sult maj
2. Brain/Velo
3. Sausage/Kolbasz
4. Liverwurst/Hurka
5. Roast pork/Sult hus (pecsenye)
6. Pork stew/Porkolt
7. Pork soup/Korhely leves
8. Pork cabbage/Toros kaposzta
9. Pork meat balls/Fasirt
10. Fried Bacon/Teperto
11. Cooked Bacon/Abalt szalonna
12. Mulled Wine/Forralt bor/ital
13. Cleaning Squad/Takaritas
14. Disco/music/entertainment


You may find relevant information at links from our 2008 event website:

For any questions, please email me:
Zoltan (on behalf of the organizers)